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Thomas Batterman, Financial Fiduciaries LLC WI Can Help You Steer Clear Of Retirement Pitfalls

· Tom Batterman,Financial Fiduciary

Social Security is not, nor has it ever truly been, a retirement account. While the monthly Social Security payments will serve as a supplement to your life-long savings, you’ll need the latter amount to truly live comfortably in your golden years. Adding insult to injury, according to a recent Financial Planning magazine article, is the fact that a recent study found that the amount retirees will receive may be smaller than they expect. “Delaying the benefit will result in a higher monthly payout but many seniors are forced to retire early and end up receiving a reduced benefit,” the magazine states, an expert fiduciary deals with questions about Social Security payments often and. He does, however, knows that this essential federal service is an important piece of the retirement puzzle to keep in mind. When individuals and families come to Financial Fiduciaries LLC WI for investment advice, they are going to learn about estate planning and how taxes, life insurance policies and the health of the markets is going to affect their fiscal security at or near retirement.

According to a Fox Business article, there are a few roads to take toward retirement. Those who expect to work until they are 70 often don’t make it that far due to unexpected health complications. Conversely, folks who bow out at 62 won’t receive the largest Social Security payments possible. That’s because the program is designed to pay out more to those who stay in the system – and thus contribute – longer. “After you reach your full retirement age, you can earn as much as you want without having any of your Social Security income held back,” the Fox Business article states. “However, if you claim early and your earnings exceed a set limit, your Social Security income will be reduced.”

Given these risks and regulations, Tom Batterman will tell clients that smart investing is one of the best ways to boost your worth and ensure a secure retirement. For private clients coming to Mr. Batterman and Financial Fiduciaries LLC WI for advice, you’ll benefit from having a wide array of investment and other financial alternatives at your disposal. This is because Thomas Batterman is a legally-obligated fiduciary who’ll handle your funds as if they were his own. When he and fellow fee-only members of Financial Fiduciaries LLC WI make decisions on investments, clients are kept up to speed on issues they may not have had the time for -- nor interest in -- learning themselves. In an era of low interest rates and a strong stock market, it may be difficult for people to find the right place to park their money and make a profit. With Thomas Batterman and Financial Fiduciaries LLC WI, the knowledge of the markets and drive to deliver you a comfortable retirement will steer clear of those possible pitfalls and guide you through the maze of Social Security elections to the decision that is best for your situation.